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Website Terms and Conditions

By visiting this website you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions.

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  • This website contains financial statements which are of access to public but remain a property of Macpac Films Ltd.
  • Macpac Films Ltd reserves the right to change the format and content of this website at any time without any prior notice. The Company will not be responsible for any loss whatsoever caused due to such changes.

Privacy Policy

  • We do not collect personally identifiable information about you unless it is voluntarily provided to us by you. Your personal details (such as name, contact number, address) are kept confidential. We may, however, use this information to contact you if needed at any time.
  • All questions, comments, ideas and suggestions are regarded as non-confidential and non-proprietary information and the Company may be free to use them for any purpose whatsoever.
  • Some information may be stored on your computer in order to tailor to your interests pertaining to this website. This may be erased by clearing ‘cookies’ from your browser. Please find out about how to clear cookies from your specific browser through the vendor’s website.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • All content, including text, images (excluding customer logos and royalty-free images), sounds and video clips, are property of Macpac Films Ltd. You may use them for your own personal or non-commercial use. You may not use, distribute, reuse, repost, modify or transmit such content for public or for commercial use without prior approval from the respective owner. Please contact at info@macpacfilms.com for such queries.
  • Even if permission is granted by the Company for use of such content, Macpac Films Ltd or the respective owner shall remain the sole owner of such intellectual property rights, which are non-transferable in this case.

The Company’s logo is a property of Macpac Films Ltd. Usage of this is governed by the following rules:

  • You may not publish the logo on any website or any other digital or printed channel without seeking prior approval, except for personal use.
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  • Do not crop, stretch or colour any part of the logo. Only Macpac Films Ltd reserves the right to change the logo at any time without any prior notice.

If you are a business partner (client, supplier, subcontractor etc.) of Macpac Films Ltd and wish to use the Company’s logo on your website/printed material, please contact at info@macpacfilms.com to seek approval before proceeding to do so.

We may change the Terms and Conditions set out from time to time. By browsing this website you are accepting that you are bound by the current Terms and Conditions and so you should check these each time you revisit the site.


Sales Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions shall govern all transactions (except as otherwise specifically stated).


Quotations are subject to confirmation after receipt of the order. If there is any change in the price of raw materials or any additional taxes levied by the government during the period after submission of quotation and before the delivery of order, the price will be revised accordingly.

Terms of Sale

  • The order will be issued after the final confirmation from customer in the form of a purchase order or order confirmation.
  • Delivery time of material will normally be within 3 weeks after the finalization of order at both ends and if there is no uncertain problem or force majeure.
  • Partial shipment will be allowed against any order.

Terms of Payments

  • Payments will be made within the agreed schedule.
  • Payments to be made through crossed cheque(s), demand draft or pay order favouring ‘Macpac Films Limited’.
  • In the case of letter of credit, it should be free of discrepancies. Pertaining to any discrepancy, the order will be withheld till an amended and discrepancy-free copy of LC is received.
  • Any delay in payments from the agreed time period may be charged extra as per levied financial costs.


  • Materials at customer’s end should be stored in controlled environments, at 20-25°C with a humidity level of 40-65%.
  • Films should be stored separate from chemicals to avoid any chemical reaction, contamination or absorption of unwanted smell/odour.
  • Any film that is not kept according to the standard procedures will not be liable for any complaint/claim.

Terms of Complaints/Claims

  • Liability of the Company will only be till the extent of the virgin film. Any claim of converted film will not be entertained.
  • Treatment level retention on metalized surfaces is not guaranteed.
  • Any complaint regarding quality of film will only be entertained within one month from the date of dispatch. Any complaint arising after 30 days of issuance of invoice will not be entertained.
  • All returns must be within 3 months of acceptance of complaint procedure and in original packing or condition to confirm the film was manufactured by Macpac Films Ltd.

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